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Colonel's Colours for a Scottish unit - Bandera coronela per a una unitat escocesa.

In the best tradition of western European armies, the army of Catalàunia could not pass without a Scottish foreign regiment, still to be named. It is not the only foreign unit in the army as the 6th IR is partly a "German" one and the 2nd IR partly a "British" one. You'll find it later, when the regiments are presented. While the regimental flag will bear the thistle flower as a main device, I couldn't help myself to make a variation of the Colonel's Colours adapted to this unit.

En la millor tradició dels exèrcits de l'Europa occidental, l'exèrcit de Catalàunia no pidia passar sense un regiment estranger escocès, que encara no té nom. No és l'única unitat estrangera de l'exèrcit ja que també hi ha el 6è RI, en part una unitat "alemanya", i el 2on RI, en part una unitat "britànica". Ho trobareu més endavant, quan els regiments sien presentats. Mentre la bandera regimental portarà una flor de card com a motiu principal, no podia resistir-me a fer una variació de bandera coronela adaptada a aquesta unitat.

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  1. Nice and appropriate!
    In France the Drapeau-Colonel would have a white field, but Catalunia has its own traditions -and besides, without the thistle, would the ST Andrew X be in 'white on white', nothing would mark the banner as 'Scottish'! Unless you insert French fashion) the thistles 'under' Catalunia's coat of arms and crowns on the center?

  2. Thank you, I've tried to keep in line with the colours in the army of Catalàunia. I've just changed the Saint George's cross by the Scottish saltire, keeping the Catalan coat of arms as an indicative of their allegiance. Their regimental colour, I think, will keep the the central coat of arms and substitute thistle floweres for the canton devices. So it will keep in line with other regiments too.

    Next will be a series of "national" flags and then the regimental ones. All of them have several options; sime could be for institutional use, some for the navy...

    By the way, I'd like to figure in the EvE list so I can get more in contact with the ImagiNation community. I don't know how it works but think I'd have to e-mail Bluebear Jeff (Saxe-Bearstein). Is it true?

  3. Exact - it's on the 'EvE'-devoted post on MC.
    (More than time I add a new strap of flags.)
    Welcome in advance - you really *have* to join, you are already a 'functional' member by your comments!

  4. I am in! :)

    First thing to consider is the sending of an official ambassador to Monte Cristo (in reality the ambassador will have been there at least from the twenties, following the War of the Quadruple Alliance).

    A conveniently hedonistic, epicurean personality will be chosen to have been "charged" with so an enviable position.

    Now let's talk a little bit about government and military in Catalàunia...

  5. Tiny and vulnerable Monte-Cristo prefers to be no more than vaguely known by most Great Powers and most of people. Safer if the widespread comment is "Monte-Cristo? Ah, that small free harbor not far from Genoa? It's said people are... odd and the sea itself weird, there."
    As part of this 'low profile' policy the Presipality does not have ambassadors "because it would be laughable from such a minuscule statelet to claim ambassador status for its representatives, and anyway we are too poor to maintain them in the required lifestyle". Of course Monte-Cristo, living largely from its exports, has a number of 'officially officious' consuls - cum - trade attaches. They provide a supporting network to our all-female service of 'Outside documentation and action' (the Romani providing another).
    And of course the Palace and the Secret du Roy in Versailles maintain (through the 'Enclos du Temple' in Paris) permanent exchanges of information. Versailles quite often sub-contracts delicate missions to the Presipality.

    Symmetrically, to contribute to our 'unobtrusiveness' even those friendly countries ruled by a Person knowing well Monte-Cristo (the current Head of Saxe-Beerstein visited us twice; Directorix Katarina from Herrschaden is a regular guest, if not more) mainly only a legate of officially lower than ambassador status.
    So far only Cavenderia sent us a full ambassador, and actually they chose an Ambassadrix, now far more Monte-Cristan than Cavenderian.

    Of course, because of its discretion and neutrality Monte-Cristo is a seething nest of semi-official representatives, of obliging but greedy go-betweens and spies, but it's another matter entirely!

  6. Well, first and on topic, the flag has been redesigned. Such a Scots unit, if ever exists, would adopt a standard Colonel's colours and then a particular Battalion's colours identical to the one showing in the post but for a red Saint George cross over the white saltire and under the coat of arms.

    Now, the Catalan authorities are to send a Cònsol (Catalan for consul) to Monte Cristo. Rumours abound about a certain noblewoman with an old connection to the presipality...