dilluns, 19 de desembre de 2011

New ordinance on flags and uniforms– Nova Ordenança sobre banderes i uniformes.

It has come to public attention that after lengthy (rest) study and deliberation, a specially appointed commission has issued a new ordinance on flags and uniforms for the Army of Catalàunia. This has been done to further characterise the army and both to standardize uniformity and reduce its costs.

Instead of the old colourful variation of uniforms, facings and small clothes which was characteristic of the times of the War for Independence and immediately later conflicts, the Army will now dress in red or grey uniforms and small clothes, with varied facings , except for the light infantry which will be clad in brown uniforms and small clothes.

Flags have been standardized too so now, while the Colonel's Colours stand the same, the Regimental Colours will be in facing colour background with the national devices and the regimental number, no other devices at all. Light Infantry Regimentals will have the national devices over a facing coloured cross, all over a black background.

You can see the resulting flags and uniforms in their corresponding page, although the update for each unit will be posted in this main page for your convenience.

Ha arribat a l'atenció del públic què, després d'un llarg (descans) estudi i deliberació, una comissió especialment designada ha emès una nova ordenança sobre les banderes i uniformes per a l'exèrcit de Catalàunia. Això s'ha fet per tal de caracteritzar millor l'exèrcit i per estandarditzar la uniformitat i reduir els seus costos.

En comptes de la vella variació de colors dels uniformes, els vius i la roba que era característica dels temps de la Guerra de la Independència i els conflictes immediatament posteriors, l'exèrcit ara es vestirà amb uniformes i robes de color vermell o gris, amb els vius variats, a excepció de la infanteria lleugera que serà vestida amb uniformes i robes marrons.

Les banderes s'han normalitzat també, així que ara, mentre la bandera Coronela es manté igual, les regimentals tindran el viu corresponent com a color de fons, amb els escuts nacionals i el nombre de la unitat i sense altres elements. Els Regiments d'Infanteria Lleugera tindran una creu del color del viu sota els escuts nacionals, tot sobre un fons negre. 

Podeu veure les banderes i uniformes resultants a les seves pàgines corresponents, encara que les actualitzacions per a cada unitat seran posades a aquesta pàgina principal per a la vostra comoditat.

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  1. Good to have you back on-line!
    Somehow the new 'standardizing' ordinance will make the Army look more Republican ('bureaucratic centralism'), less rooted in Ancien Regime traditions.

  2. By the way, for all who can't see it, flags and uniforms are accessible by means of clicking on a link just below the top graphic and name of the page.

  3. PS: and now, 'don't stop [short of] the Cavalry'!

  4. I remember that from the start Miquelets would receive 'black embroidered flags'.
    Simple curiosity, were the Fusellers de Muntanya already intended to be clad entirely in brown, or did you change your mind in the meantime as for the Line infantry? Were not the (unnplished) '1st draft' more colorful also for them?

  5. Quite interesting and innovative indeed, these Ordnances. I'll have to watch carefully how does your Army look after its implementation...

    Daring bid from you to assign large, square flags to the Mountain Fusiliers. Also, I find it brilliant to set a so original pattern for them, where the varying colours are those of the main motif (the Cross) while the background remains always the same for all (black). I had never thought of such possibility.

    Not to say about uniforms. Medium Grey!! Keep your good work, always pleasing.

  6. Light Infantry (the original Mountain Fusileers) were always thought of as brown clad troops, as some units were in fact so clad in the WSS. In search of some kind of standardisation, I decided to include just two units of these, 1 battalion strong each, in brown uniforms with red or yellow facings. The square flags come because they are thought of in practicality as line infantry formations with light infantry capabilities. Quite frankly, the black flags were put in a hurry, mixing their alleged old black flags to distinguish them as lights and the cross motif to show their facings.

    "Irregular" Mountain Fusileers would in any case be represented by Wargames Factory WSS infantry, as would city militias, keeping WSS uniform cut, colour and facings styles. It's a long project, and it will keep a slow pace, but I hope to finally get it going from now on.

    Thank you for your comments!

  7. I've been idle because I wanted to start working in the whole army at once and I realised I had fallen short of cavalry bases so I ordered more of them. I was advised yesterday that they'll arrive past Christmas so maybe I'll get a partial start for the infantry arm. Also the arriving and watching of a new family member (that's a new dog, 2 years old) and several unforeseen things kept me busy. It is embarrassing to admit an AGEOD ACW computer game campaign being most time consuming, but reading about the ACW got plenty of time too, as did reading about the 3rd Carlist War (I'll send an email to the Perry to reproach them for not having started work on this passionating conflict) and, finally, studying for the grade.

    In the meanwhile I restarted the ACW army, I found a player to be (as myself) who has started to build a Union force for himself and lately another chap has seemingly decided to start a Union brigade/army of his own. So my rebel troopers need to abandon their "natural grey" birth condition to reach a battle ready mixed gray/butternut stage. To arms in Dixie!

    Regarding the grey, I've chosen a path to show a continuity in the army of Catalàunia from the times of this blog to late XIXth century (and beyond). As I am no millionaire I will make the most of my minis collection to that purpose. Napoleonic Catalaunians will look like a mix of grey clad Black Brunswickers, British cavalry, maybe line and lights and/or (most surely) Prussian resservists. The latter will work for transitionals up to the second XIXth century half with ACW rebels taking up from there, just with a standard bearer change. I also think that while less colourful the change to grey (be it medium or a bluer shade) will make the army look elegant, and make for a pretty combination with the red on some units.

    I hope to keep a regular pace this time...